Dive Sites around Phuket


Around the beautiful island of Phuket, there are a lot of very different and diverse dive sites. The sites around Phuket offer optimal conditions for divers of all levels - from the absolute beginner to the experienced diver.

Some of the Dive Sites we are going to on a daily basis include:

Racha Noi Island - Racha Noi is a beautiful, uninhabited tropical island that is. It is surrounded by hard coral reef, with huge underwater granite boulders descending to depth at the north and south points with formations very similar to the Similan Islands. The visibility is usually excellent here and the best you will experience in Phuket. Around the boulders there is a good chance to see manta rays and occasional whale sharks.

Racha Yai Island - A granite island surrounded by fringing hard coral reef, it boasts several beautiful tropical beaches with protected shallow bays where the water is very often clear. This is the ideal year round Phuket destination at which to learn scuba diving, or refresh your skills if you haven't dived for a while. Divers of all levels of experience and snorkelers can visit Racha Yai as the diving conditions are generally easy. Water depths range between 3-30 meters and the visibility is usually good although it varies with the seasons.

Koh Doc Mai - A huge limestone rock that rises steeply out of the sea, Koh Doc (or Dok) Mai is a small, jungle covered island. Its name means 'Flower Island' in Thai due to the beautiful and colorful flower-like corals that cover every surface under the water. It is located on the way from Phuket to Shark Point and is considered one of the best wall dives in the area. This is a favorite site with scuba divers because of the sheer diversity of marine life here.

Kingcruiser Wreck - On the 4th of May 1997, the 85 meter passenger ferry King Cruiser made history by straying several miles off course on a routine run from Phuket to the Phi-Phi Islands and hitting Anemone Reef. The boat sank near the reef but thankfully no lives were lost among the 500 people on board.

Shark Point - This site is part of a marine sanctuary and is justifiably one of Phuket's best dives. The official Thai name for this site is Hin Muang or 'Shark Rock', named after the docile leopard sharks (Stegastoma varium) that are often encountered here resting on the sandy seafloor.

Anemone Reef - Anemone Reef gets its name from the mass of gorgeous blue and green colored anemones that cover this huge lime-stone pinnacle. Its Thai name is Hin Jom which means 'submerged rock' and this is a popular and beautiful site. Located about 600 meters north of Phuket's Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, the rock rises 30 meters up from the sea floor to just beneath the surface then abruptly ends and drops back to a bottom of sand and oyster shells.

Phi Phi Islands - Bida Nai - Koh Bida Nai which means "Inner Father Island" in Thai, is a limestone island that rises dramatically from the sea to the south of Phi Phi Leh. Along with its twin site of Koh Bida Nok, this is regarded as Phi Phi's best dive area. 

Phi Phi Islands - Bida Nok - This tiny limestone island jutting out from the sea, is located 2 kilometres south of Phi Phi Leh Island. It is one of Phi Phi's best and most popular dives and is frequently visited by Phuket day-trip dive boats as well as by Thai liveaboard cruises.

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Wall - Maya Bay is located on the west side of Koh Phi Phi Leh and became famous as it was featured in the film "The Beach" that starred Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a popular snorkelling destination and attracts lots of tourists wanting to see the iconic deserted paradise depicted in the film. This means it is often crowded but despite the people and boats the natural beauty of this area of the Phi Phi Islands is stunning and it's easy to see why Hollywood chose this setting.


Fundives with SANTANA

Join us on one of our daily trips! Every day - weather allowing - we go out to the Racha Islands with its magnificient boulders, hard corals and , the Phi Phi Islands



2 dive day trip to Koh Racha YaiTHB 3,200
3 dive day trip to Koh Racha Yai & NoiTHB 3,700
3 dive daytrip to Phi Phi Islands with 1 dive at Shark Point or Koh Doc MaiTHB 3,700
3 dive day trip to King Cruiser, Shark Point & Koh Doc MaiTHB 3,700
2 dive day trip to the Similan Islands
(not included are National Park Fees and Rental Equipment)
THB 5,600


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Our day trips include transfer from your hotel and back (Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Naiharn, other areas for small charge), light breakfast, lunch, snacks and fresh fruits, coffee, tea and drinking water, as well as tanks, weights and our professional guide service.

Not included is rental equipment. A full set - Mask, BCD, Regulator, 3mm Short Wetsuit, Fins - can be rented for THB 700 per day.

Non-divers are also always welcome on our day trips. For non-divers we provide snorkeling equipment free of charge.



Beachdive at Kata Beach or Ao Sane BeachTHB 2,200
every additional beach dive THB 1,000
Nightdive off the beachTHB 2,500


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